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This website is for a private website. The information on it is for the use of Special Risks customers and their employees. No one has the rights or permission to duplicate or alter the information on this site.

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When a customer requests a user id or signs up for our mailing list, this customer imformation becomes the property of Special Risks. We share this information with no one. It is kept in our own system and is used only to make the communication between us and yourselves quicker and more efficient.

We will do our best to keep this website up to date with information and applications of the latest versions. New versions of apps or links to apps or companies will be corrected or updated as soon as physically possible.

Downloading of applications or faxing, emailing or mailing applications to Special Risks does not bind coverage. Only a Special Risks underwriter can bind coverage on a Special Risks application submission. The binding procedure is only done in writing. We do not bind, issue, endorse or cancel coverage over the phone. All changes will be requested in writing and completed in writing.

Please inform our Informations System department of any problems, changes or misinformation you may find on our website. Also let us know of any suggested changes or improvements you may have.

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